Must be fully occupied !!! ★ Limited December 16 - 25 ★ X'mas course
Must be fully occupied !!! ★ Limited December 16 - 25 ★ X'mas course
2980 yen

Tax not included

A Christmas limited course from December 16th to 25th! Night view which can overlook the city of Sakae from window seat ♪ GOOD ♪ All 6 dishes + 2 drinks per person (alcoholic) lover / friend / family Welcoming __ ___ WELCOME ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0Please acknowledge.


◎ Assorted appetizer

It is antipast that assorted raw ham, smoked salmon, seasonal fruits etc

◎ warm apples a lot soup & seasonal vegetables mini salad

♪ Please soup that will be heated hotly with recommended ingredients such as clam chowder and minestrone ___ ___ ___ ___ 1

◎ Thai snacks Belgium potatoes

ihana cafe It is a french fries of natural cut with Belgian skin with hidden popular menu

◎ Roasted winter apples and chicken thigh stewed in rosé wines

We will do this year with popularity as well! ♪ best cooked chicken stewed in the bean and winter apples with reasonable acidity ☆

It is the main part of chef's whole body which can be tasted only on Christmas course

◎ Chef's whimpest pasta

On the day that the chef chooses, with the best ingredients shining in the season!

Please do not hesitate to tell the correspondence staff if there are tastes and requests you are not good at

◎ Sweet French Toast

☆ Chocolate fondue × French toast ☆

ihana cafe Popular menu in winter course! Enjoy a sweet moment with plenty of chocolate sauce and plenty of fruits

※ Please acknowledge that it looks different from the items in the in-store menu

○ In-store menu Two cups per person from drinks! Champagne · nonal champagne prepared ☆

We are offering a number of drinks including alcohol including high brand tea [MULESNA]

* The bottle of alcohol is not included in the object